Marine insurance department guarantee to protect cargo & carried properties whether it’s carried on sea and/or air and /or land, According to global institutional clauses.
So, our duty is to cover all risks which may occurred to the cargo during transportation, whether it was outside and/or inside (during vessels and/or planes and/or trucks and/or trains).

  • Marine insurance contracts types:
  • Marine insurance policy (consignment).
  • Marine insurance open policy (this policy covers all agent’s consignments for one year. Also, it’s included all his works without have any kind of mistake in both notification & insurance. 
  • Available insurance types:
  • Cargo(shipment), we provide cover from door to door which include land transit voyage.
  • Available covers types: 
  • Sea freight Insurance A, B, C clauses.
  • Institute cargo clause (A).
  • Institute war clauses (cargo).
  • Institute strikes clauses (cargo).
  • Air freight Insurance A,B,C clauses
  • Institute cargo clauses (A/Air).
  • Institute war clauses (cargo/Air cargo).
  • Institute strikes clauses (cargo/Air cargo). 
  • land transit insurance:
  • Land transit risks.
  • Land transit (All RISKS)  
  • Insurance war & strikes risks.
  • Insurance inclusive land transit risks(Iraq).
  • Insurance terrorism risks.
  • Insurance sabotage, hijacking, theft & pilferage.

 Take in consideration that all these types within our reinsurance treaty.

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